We partner with foundations, nonprofits and mission-aligned businesses to tell their story strategically across digital channels, news media, and through events. For CEOs and communications heads, we provide independent, proven advice on strategy and organizational structure, and help recruit and build teams.

We specialize in independent journalism, inclusive economic development, and other areas that strengthen communities.

A virtual firm, Communications Partners assembles diverse teams of top professionals to precisely match client needs. Your partners have expertise in strategic communications and marketing, including public relations, video and event production, website design, social media, digital marketing and nonprofit fundraising.

Meet Your Partners

Andrew Sherry

Andrew Sherry: Principal

Andrew is the former vice president for communications at Knight Foundation. An international journalist turned digital startup specialist, he has successfully built and led teams in philanthropy, public policy, technology and news, working from Hong Kong, Washington, DC, and Miami.

Andrew helped make Knight a model for using digital-first communications to advance philanthropic goals. During his 2012-21 tenure, he ran open calls that brought news and arts funding to all comers, created strategies to define Knight as a source of authoritative, nonpartisan research, and coordinated PR among institutions to elevate landmark events such as Nikole Hannah-Jones becoming a Knight Chair at Howard University, and Detroit emerging from bankruptcy with foundation support.

He continues to champion organizations building the future of local news, and to support the development of an inclusive technology innovation ecosystem in Miami.

He is on the board of The Communications Network.

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A headshot of B.A. Snyder

B.A. Snyder: Video + Events Production

BA Snyder is the founder of Veritas Group, a communications and production firm reimagining how the public communicates. BA has set new standards in the industry by using The Veritas Way, a process and approach focused on evolving content and concepts built on sustainable growth and responsible engagement.

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A headshot of Laura Washington

Laura Washington: Nonprofit Impact + Inclusiveness

Laura is an executive in the philanthropy and nonprofit sectors who has more than 15 years of  experience helping organizations achieve greater visibility and impact while advancing inclusive practices. She has a track record of transformational leadership with startups and organizations undergoing change.

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A headshot of LaMonte Guillory

LaMonte Guillory: Executive Comms + Strategy

As a communications strategist with 20 years of experience leading public relations, executive communications, brand management, crisis communication, media relations, and community engagement, LaMonte understands the power of words and influence.

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A headshot of Marte Siebenhar

Marte Siebenhar: Nonprofit Strategy + Fundraising

Marte helps artists, nonprofits and board members to use the power of creativity to build successful, sustainable organizations. Trained as a classical musician at Manhattan School of Music and as an arts management executive at the Kennedy Center, she is an experienced facilitator, grant writer and executive coach.

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